Park View typographic mural

The mural stands at 3400 Georgia Avenue Northwest. This is the building where the Georgia Avenue Winter Fest was held, the former Murry's Grocery. We worked with the building owner to complete the mural, which is meant to serve as an identifier for the neighborhood. Park View is still somewhat of a well-kept secret, even among District Residents. 

The mural is 35 feet long with 6 foot high capital letters. Special thanks to Brent McHugh, who helped with the physical application.  

The District at Night

Fascinated with maps and geographical infographics, but lacking a high-resolution nighttime aerial of Washington, DC, we decided to make one. This is actually a layered composite map made from several sources, including a transit map, population density map, light map, and layers showing intensity of social media shares (Twitter and Facebook). 

The three bright spots toward the top are Bethesda, Silver Spring, and College Park. The bright spot toward the bottom is Old Town Alexandia, with National Airport just above.

This is a six color screenprint on 100 pound cover weight paper. The prints are for sale in our online store and at Avenue Jack in Dupont Circle, DC.